Our Alliance Partners


BUTTING was founded in 1777 as a cop- persmith’s, by the ancestors of the current owner, Hermann Butting. In 1945, the family company moved its headquarters to Knesebeck and started producing sol- dered, and later welded, copper pipes and pipelines. In the late 1950s, stainless steel gradually replaced copper as the main raw material for BUTTING products. The company has been in private ownership for seven generations, and its staff of over 1,400 now handle approx. 40,000 tons of stainless steel of various grades every year.

Versatile Range of Products

The production of high-quality longitudi- nally welded pipes made from stainless steel – in both standard and special sizes – has long been the focal point of our busi- ness since the development of stainless steels. Few companies in Europe can point to such longstanding experience and di- versity as BUTTING in the production of stainless steel pipes in sizes ranging from NB 15 to NB 1,800.

The combination of pipes and fittings of proven BUTTING quality into special ready-to-install piping components within our extensive prefabrication capacity also guarantees you optimum cost-effective- ness and reliability.